Educating J&K: Project Parwaaz

Photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash

Environment Setup

To facilitate the children, Teach over Call (cause of only 2G availability) setup has been established with the help of locals volunteers. Things were starting to gear up but then due to Covid-19, National Lockdown imposed all over India. There was so much the uncertainty in lockdown lifting (it’s still here :P). But we worked on challenges despite the lockdown:

  1. Students on-boarding: Student’s self engagement was a vital factor in the success of this project (as this is remote teaching). As we hear from volunteer stories, we’ve got a big plus on this factor. But in the lockdown, onboarding new students is a major challenge though. As our team is constantly working on networking with local people with the help of volunteers.
  2. Resource Arrangement: Aligning the educator and student on study material (either NCERT or J&K State board). Currently, volunteers using e-copy of books as reference for teaching. Some challenges are still there in Resource availability like there are some students who don’t have books still willing to learn (vital factor :D), but kudos to volunteers who pulled this off with creativity, and unique methods of their teaching. As lockdown eases, we’re also in the planning of providing books to those students.

Community Growth



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