Life isn’t monotonous, right!? Make sure to equip yourself when you’re at the zenith so that you can survive the nadir. In this mini-blog, I’ll put my personal experience of how I developed my core fitness routine that helped me to get through at the bottom.

Fitness helped me to…

In this tutorial, we’re gonna implement a rudimentary Semantic Search engine using Haystack. we’ll use ElasticSearech and Faiss (Facebook AI Similarity Search) as DocumentStores.

Photo by Gozha Net on Unsplash

Below are the segments I’m gonna talk about:

  1. Intro to Semantic Search & Terminologies
  2. Implementation nit&grit
  • Environment Setup
  • Dataset preparation
  • Indexing & Searching

Intro to Semantic Search & Terminologies

In recent times…

I didn’t sleep for nights, things started bothering me why I can’t help. These children deserve that environment — Aiesha Jaan, a Jammu college girl who started an initiative to teach rural area’s underprivileged children which later became Project Parwaaz.

Creating a good educational environment is considered a key factor…

Prateek Yadav

NLP Engineer @LexisNexis India ||

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