Do you ever feel as a Data Scientist that managing a python or conda environment (across dev, prod) is a real pain in the ass!!? If Hell YEAH, then this piece for you. Let’s jump straight into work.

Conda Environment

  1. Let’s create a conda environment first on local, then we’ll discuss…

Welcome, This is Part-1!

You know, for search! But Do you actually know how things working under the hood!? So let’s get our basics straight. This is would be a series of topics that would cover primarily the working mechanism of that topic.

What is ElasticSearch?

We don’t need only search, we want…

This tutorial will give you clairvoyance on building NLP based QA system. Here I’m gonna cover the full stack (from raw txt files to the interactive web app). I’ll use’s Haystack to build this QA system for the Hindi language.

Below are the indexes of this Question-Answering fabrication pipeline…

In this tutorial, we’re gonna implement a rudimentary Semantic Search engine using Haystack. we’ll use ElasticSearech and Faiss (Facebook AI Similarity Search) as DocumentStores.

Below are the segments I’m gonna talk about:

  1. Intro to Semantic Search & Terminologies
  2. Implementation nit&grit
  • Environment Setup
  • Dataset preparation
  • Indexing & Searching

Intro to Semantic Search & Terminologies

In recent times…

There was absolutely no AI Winter in the last decade, with an offset like AlexNet (2012) to flapjack GPT-3 (2020), AI as an Innovation really kicked off .🚀

Quick timeline catchup

In 2018, Google open-sourced BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformer) that became quite a benchmark in NLP. It has 340M parameters. Later…

Alice: Hey Bob, How’re you doing in Lockdown?

Bob: Hi Alice, I’m doing fine, you?

Alice: Same Man!! Ssup?

Bob: Nothing man, I was just reading a news article about ICMR gives nod to the antigen-based testing kit for faster diagnosis and stuck at a point, now trying to get…

I didn’t sleep for nights, things started bothering me why I can’t help. These children deserve that environment — Aiesha Jaan, a Jammu college girl who started an initiative to teach rural area’s underprivileged children which later became Project Parwaaz.

Creating a good educational environment is considered a key factor…

Prateek Yadav

NLP Engineer @LexisNexis India ||

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